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Woof. #wednesday

ULF G B☮HLIN • By Mary Cooper Bywater #InteriorDesign via urbancomfort
Found this in my “medical folder” the other day, from a few years ago. Trying to figure out why my body, day after day, feels like I was hit by a truck. This was the only piece of paper my doctor of the time could give me on the condition….which I “might” have. There’s no test, only diagnosis by elimination. I went through test after test, putting up with being poked, hooked up to machines, sleep studies, scans, and testing medicines which may or may not work. There is no one medicine that can make this go away. There is no cure.
Almost 5 years later and I finally have this thing managed…a combination of lifting weights, small amounts of cardio, eating better and multiple medications. #fibromyalgia #pain #chronicillness #arthritis #whyilift
Found my spirit animal today  #panda 🐼
Bby 😘 #girlfriend #opposites #loveher

» Hundred Year Flood

It’s interesting to me…how people I used to associate myself with, and hated each other…are now friends? That friendship will be toxic.